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Legal Filings, Docs, and Updates

April - May 2021
OSE for Voluntary Dismissal
Aquifer Science Response and Opposition
OSE Reply to Aquifer Science
Aquifer Science Brief in Chief

March 2021 -- Basin Closures
An Explanation
OSE Press Release
OSE Closure Order
Hydrologic Conditions Leading to the Order

Bernalillo County Well Monitoring Report

Judge Bacon Ruled!
1/29/2019 Court Findings and Conclusions

The Trial Page, 3/5/18 to 3/19/18

Appeal Documents 2017

Appeal Documents 2016

Appeal Documents 2014-2015

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DENIAL of Aquifer Science Application
by Office of the State Engineer

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..... of Office of the State Engineer Hearings
January 2011 - December 2014