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Legal Filings, Docs, and Updates

December 2022
The NM Appeals Court Review of the District Court Ruling

June - October 2021
Court of Appeals Dismissal
Motion to Amend Case Caption
Amended Order Granting Motion to Amend Case Caption
Answer Brief of Bernalillo County
Answer Brief of San Pedro Creek HOA, et al
Aquifer Science Reply Brief

April - May 2021
OSE for Voluntary Dismissal
Aquifer Science Response and Opposition
OSE Reply to Aquifer Science
Aquifer Science Brief in Chief

March 2021 -- Basin Closures
An Explanation
OSE Press Release
OSE Closure Order
Hydrologic Conditions Leading to the Order

Bernalillo County Well Monitoring Report

Judge Bacon Ruled!
1/29/2019 Court Findings and Conclusions

The Trial Page, 3/5/18 to 3/19/18

Appeal Documents 2017

Appeal Documents 2016

Appeal Documents 2014-2015

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DENIAL of Aquifer Science Application
by Office of the State Engineer

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..... of Office of the State Engineer Hearings
January 2011 - December 2014