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Who is the Deep Well Protest Group?

Who is N14 Forum, Inc.?

Who is Aquifer Science?

Who is Vidler Water Company?

Who is Campbell Ranch?

Why does Campbell Ranch want this water?

I thought the Campbell Ranch development was turned down by Edgewood.  What happened?

What 4000 home development are you talking about?

Who decides if Aquifer Science can establish new water rights?

How would these wells and this water appropriation affect the East Mountain area?

How can I get involved?

Who is the OSE (Office of the State Engineer)?

Who are the protestants fighting the Aquifer Science water application?

Who is Bruce Frederick and the Environmental Law Center?

Why do we need an attorney to protest the Aquifer Science water application?

What is the process for the OSE to make a decision?

Where do they want to drill the wells?

How much water is 1500 acre feet per year?

How do you get to be a legal protestant in this case?

What is the Sandia Basin?