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Mission Statement

In April 2008 a group of concerned East Mountain Community citizens organized in order to provide a forum for people living in the area along the North 14 Highway Corridor to discuss issues important for the community.

• Why did this group form?

Viable long term community development requires strong long term leadership, consistent and comprehensive planning, and community consensus building. This is not easy even when there are only one or two jurisdictions involved. (County and State).

Recent development plans along North 14 at the northern edge of Bernalillo County and beyond have the unique distinction of being within three counties (Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe) and two incorporated towns – Edgewood and Tijeras. Each of the governing bodies within these jurisdictions has very unique perspectives and objectives related to growth and development in the East Mountain Communities. 

This new group of concerned North 14 community members recognizes the multi jurisdictional regulatory environment in this unique area presents a variety challenges for our growing community.  These challenges are currently not being addressed by existing community organizations.

•  What is the mission of the North 14 Forum?

The North 14 Forum seeks to provide a forum and voice for the East Mountain residents along the North 14 Highway Corridor that will:

•  Promote responsible development consistent with the area's rural nature and compatible with the carrying capacity of the land, water, and other natural resources.
•  Advocate responsible and coordinated infrastructure planning and implementation.
•  Provide a community advocacy across jurisdictional boundaries along the N-14 corridor.
•  Implement outreach and educational programs to community members, neighborhood associations, regulatory agencies and other community organizations in order to communicate the unique challenges this multi-jurisdictional area presents.
•  Seek to preserve the unique East Mountain Character.

•  Who is this group designed to serve?

The target area for membership is the area approximately 4-miles north, south, east and west of the intersection of Frost Road and North 14, extending north to include San Pedro Overlook.  However, the Forum welcomes membership from the larger area bordered by Sandia Crest on the west, I40 on the south (including Tijeras), Edgewood on the east and Golden on the north.

Landowners, neighborhood associations and community members may join North 14 Forum.

•  What issues will the Forum focus on?

Issues concerning community development, particularly those that cross jurisdictional boundaries (Bernalillo County, Santa Fe County, Sandoval County, the Village of Tijeras and the Town of Edgewood).

Traffic: North 14 and traffic that feeds into North 14, Frost Road, 344, Mountain Valley Road (217), and I40 as it is impacted by traffic from these roads

Economic issues: Same area as the area from which membership is drawn

Schools: Same area as the area from which membership is drawn

Infrastructure: Same area as the area from which membership is drawn

Water: Sandia Basin north of I40 and Entranosa Basin as it impacts the membership area